Indie Music and The Rise of Arabic Indie Music

Creating music is an art that requires passion and dedication. And while this journey can be challenging, music in the soul can be heard by the universe. Indie music or independent music is one such area of the music industry that is filled with dynamic and passionate musicians. Indie music is produced independently from record labels, and artists record and publish their creations all by themselves. While it requires a lot more time, energy, and skill, artists who are genuinely passionate about their musical compositions make music independently. And as any artist can become an independent music creator, indie music includes artists from various musical genres.

For The Love of Spoken Word


The term ‘Indie’ originated back in the early 1920s when it was initially used to reference independent film companies. Still, soon after, it was used as a term to classify independent music artists and producers. Overtime, this trend grew, and artists who had the talent and determination started creating and producing music independently. While indie artists face several challenges and hurdles in their music career, the journey and experience are always rewarding. With thousands of amazing artists creating music on their own, the indie music scene has seen and witnessed the growth and creations of several incredible music artists. With an innovative nature and a soul filled with melody, indie artists are on the rise.

The Arabic indie music area has seen the rise of some truly talented artists who are creating awe-inspiring melodies. Phenomenally gifted musicians like Tamer Nafar, Big Sam, Terez Sliman, ElFar3i, and many more artists are taking the Arabic indie music scene to whole new heights. With fire in their souls and melody in their hearts, these indie artists give the indie and alternative Arabic music community some truly mesmerizing music. Rising indie musicians like Ruba Shamshoum, Shouly and Ebaa Monther are some of the pure talents of the Arabic indie music scene, and their creations represent pure melody, passion, and radiate positivity.

Experience some of the latest Arabic indie music tracks like "Qamarhen" by TheSynaptik, “Mamnoun” by Bu Kolthoum, or spoken word talents like “The Clown” by Farah Chamma and Ebn H'oari, and you will be taken away by their soulful and fantastic music.

This is just a sample of what the scene has, and to list all the names we will need a 300-page book. We are barely scratching the surface; let's consider this an educational introduction to the Alternative World in all its different genres, HipHop, Rap, Pop, Jazz, poetry and many more.

For the Love of Spoken Word


With talented musicians and rising artists, the Arabic indie music scene witnesses the growth and rise of several outstanding indie artists. Music is a form of magic, and these artists have mastered the art of creating and producing music independently. While major record labels and production companies often have artists who create great music, the indie music scene consists of individuals who are genuinely passionate, talented, and will do anything to showcase their talents to the world. The Arabic music industry is witnessing the rise of various fantastic indie artists, and we can’t wait to see what they have next in store for us!

We at Arabic Indie want to explore and share the exciting and latest updates on Arabic indie and Arabic Alternative music! Stay tuned.

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