Redefining Merchandise - Our Merch out!

The journey begins! We just released our new and original merchandise collection! Be part of the movement, represent your music.

Spoken Word

Arabic Indie Spoken Word T-shirt

“Spoken word” covers all the different kinds of poetry that are recited aloud; this can include simple poetry reading all the way to poetry slams, jazz poetry, and hip hop and everything in between.

The spoken word is where passion starts, and this is where our merchandise started.

Indie Heals the Soul

Arabic Indie Heals the Soul

Indie music is created with passion and from the soul, and when music touches the soul, it heals it. This design is created in English letters drawn in Arabic style calligraphy.

We love Arabic calligraphy and this is one way to show its magical transformation into other languages.

Tarab and Roll

Tarab and Roll is our take on the famous “Rock and Roll” genre, a combination of both worlds. Arabic indie artists have mastered the art of infusing oriental music in different musical genres, this is a tribute to all those artists and their creations

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