Welcome to the world of Arabic Indie Music

Hala family, 

If you found your way here, then we both have something in common. We enjoy Arabic indie music. 

Indie music always tells a story, and each story touches a soul somewhere. Indie artists are loyal to music; they make music for the sake of music. They want their music to reach, their voice to reach, and their cause to reach.

The year 2020 was challenging for all of us, staying at home, concerts canceled, and our connection to our favorite artists got limited to social media. 

All of a sudden, an idea was born!

Arabic Indie


We want to enrich this scene, see it grow, and be part of the story all along while supporting our artists. We want to show our support to the Arabic indie community as well. We decided to do this through social media and merch - let me explain. 

There is not enough exposure to the scene; there is a reason why it’s called “underground,” but these artists, songs, and words must reach the world, educate the world. We strive to do so through our social media channels and blog on our website. We want to not only connect fans to artists but also create new fans by introducing them to this world.

Secondly, Those artists are fighters; they keep going no matter what the circumstances are. We want to try to support them and stay afloat. And that's where merch comes to play. We have a passion for the Arabic word and a passion for design. That’s when we decided to combine all these motives and ingredients by creating the brand “Arabic Indie,” get the artists closer to their fans and build a community.

We respect the artists’ intellectual property, and therefore, we will never launch a design without their prior approval. We will create a design and present it to the artists. Once they grant us permission, this design will be made available for fans to purchase and wear with pride. 

The artists and the designers will benefit from every sale - it is our way to support the artists and designers in these times without concerts and gigs. It is also our way to launch apparel from the unique Arabic indie culture. 

From the indie community to the indie community. 

We are just getting started, but we promise you more is in the pipeline; we will not stop only here - stay tuned. 


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